Friday, May 4, 2012

Exam Week Craze

This is my 4th month in UTP, Alhamdulillah and of course we're now in the  EXAM WEEK!! (arrrgggghhhhhhh, how scary is that?
Due to some unexplained reason why my creative writing part of brain become dorman  and just won't work, I believe my blog is now bersawang tahap apa entah..haha
Petronas will be out this Monday, only God knows how scared I am, 
takut tunggu result?
euphoria nak balik Perlis?
excited nak habiskan exam?

all of this mixed in my body in series (or maybe parallel?) of mumble jumble cross-links.

My routine for exam week :
Morning : Jog/ maybe a walk at the Oval park.  Menikmati keindahan Toronto :D
Breakfast at anyplace near.  Yang pasti bukan V6 laa..(ko giler?)
Study dalam bilik/ IRC (yang IMBA)..It needs a lot of courage to study in this environment..haha
Usually skip lunch
Evening : a walk again at Oval Park + Maghrib kat An-Nur + dinner + Isya' di surau/bilik
and here goes my day
Simple, yet i'm content with it.

Thank God, i got good friends
Within these 2 weeks my stability shatters somehow..Gotta little haywire (emotionally, maybe?)
Thanks to Maro & Jibah for strict supervision and guidance.  Love both of you :)

There's a another 3 papers , English I, Physics I & Chemistry I,  nervous again though. Please pray for us budak-budak foundie yang masih tercari-cari arah hidup

Subuh dah masuk, haiya; a'la solah!

p/s : see u at Oval Park ^^

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