Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vuvuzela Haram???

United Arab Emirates issues fatwa against loud vuvuzelas after instruments imported during World Cup


The country issued a religious edict against the instrument if it exceeds 100 decibels, which is about the same noise level as a passing train. The loud, grating droning of vuvuzelas has annoyed us all during the World Cup in South Africa. But in the United Arab Emirates, they're more than just an annoyance -- they're unholy.
According to the National, a newspaper in Abu Dhabi, the ruling came after thousands of vuvuzelas were imported into the country for World Cup fans. Officials were worried that fans will start bringing the instruments to local soccer games.
The UAE's General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments said they made the decision based off a study that said human hearing can be damaged if a person exposed to more than 100 decibels.
Officials have also said the blaring sound of the instruments overpowers the crowd's cheering, taking away from the atmosphere. They also said players were having difficulty hearing each other on the field.
Television stations have been inundated by viewer complaints about the continuous drone of the instruments during World Cup. They have tried to lower the instruments' noise with little success.
After realizing their popularity, Dhia el Din, an Abu Dhabi-based businessman initially ordered 10,000 vuvuzelas. He later cancelled his order as the instruments garnered negative press.
He also became alarmed when he discovered the instruments were used by African shamans and witchdoctors.
"I searched on the internet and found some articles regarding it," he said. "I found out that they were used to bring out devils."
kesimpulannya, menda alah vuvuzela ni xda guna pon...boleh bayang time org tgh lawan finale Liga Super di Stadium Bukit Jalili, tetiba dicemari bunyi-bunyian menda ni...sungguh x sanggup dilihat>.<"
habis pekak para penonton...isk2~thats the worst case scenario~

~sya x minat bola key...~


Wan Perlis said...

mmg x ska vuvuzela ni

Yatre Hayati said...

vuvuzela ni bising kan. masa tengok WC annoying giler!!

GoRN said...

Nasib Malaikat tak tiup sangkakala time tu.
huuuuu...mintak simpang!

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