Monday, July 26, 2010

Disebalik Nahas Love Parade..

Love Parade 2010 : Stampede Kills 19 People
Love Parade 2010: The festival has proved to be more of a tragedy than a celebration, with 19 people trampled to death in a mass stampede.
The festival took place in the Ruhr region German city of Duisburg. It has started in 1989 in Berlin, but had to move due to clashes with the authorities

In a mass stampede that took place near the festival location, 19 people passed away (the number has increased by 4, compared to yesterday’s estimations) and 324 have been injured.

The victims were trampled in an underpass connecting a railway supplies yard to the area of the festival.
Rescue teams had to try to pass through thousands of people, many of them intoxicated, but friendly. These people had no idea of the size of the tragedy. Ambulances had to make their way through the crowd, which increased their response time.
Clancie's long holiday cut fatally short at Love Parade

Sydneysider Clancie Ridley was among the 19 people killed in a stampede at an outdoor dance music festival in Germany.
The 27-year-old from Georges Hall had flown out of Sydney only last week and had planned to spend three months travelling around Europe with a friend.
But her holiday was cut short in the most devastating way at the Love Parade festival, when a crush of some of the festival's million-strong crowd in a tunnel turned lethal.
Her family were told the terrible news yesterday.
Deputy police chief Detlef von Schmeling said the victims, the youngest 20 and the oldest 40, were killed as they scrambled to escape from a narrow tunnel that was the only entrance to the festival.
Police said the dead included seven foreigners. More than 340 people were injured.
The organiser of the famous techno music event said yesterday that it would never be held again.
"[It's] over for the Love Parade," Rainer Schaller said.
Hundreds of thousands of people danced on at the event in the western city of Duisburg on Saturday, oblivious to what had happened in the tunnel.
It is the worst accident of its kind since nine people were crushed to death and 43 were injured at a rock festival in Roskilde, Denmark, in 2000. That fatal accident occurred when a huge crowd pushed forward during a Pearl Jam gig.

Takziah kepada keluarga mangsa-mangsa nahas Love Parade..Sesungguhnya semua perkara ini tak terjangka dek akal fikiran kita..
Renungan buat kita semua :
Sememangnya kita tak dapat meramal apa yang bakal berlaku pada masa hadapan.  Jadi boleh bayang x andai kata semasa kita sedang berdansa+ berpesta+ bersukaria+berlagha, tetiba Izrail datang menjemput..Apakah jawapan yang bakal kita berikan kepada Maha Pencipta???

~2 minggu lagi exam week..TIDAAAAAAAAAKKKK!!~


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mintak2 jauh la bende2 ni dari tempat kita,,

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