Monday, April 24, 2017

A Letter to My Deceased Cat

Hi Kunyet,

I hope you're doing fine over there. We just found out that you're no more with us this morning. No longer meowing excitedly to greet us coming home, or even waiting at the door for food. I'll miss your company when hanging the clothes, day or night, you'll be there. Doing your own job, licking your fur again and again, just to keep me accompany. Sometimes I'll put you inside for a while to wander around the house while I scrambled to hang everything on the clothesline , because you love to playfully bit my toes.

And today, we saw you for the last time as my lil' bro covered you with soil. Your body limp, lying still on a patch of grass just by the roadway. We suspected that you were killed when trying to run away from the male cats roaming around for a cat fight a and strucked by a passing vehicle. You didn't make it. It saddened me to know that you suffered alone and passed your last breath there. 

I'm sorry that I was not there that night. Had I been there, I would've broken the cat fight, or just make some noise so that they'll go away. I know those male cats are big, bigger than you, a less than 1 year old cat. You know, Kunyet, I'll do anything that I can to save you that night. But I can't, I was away.

I'm going to miss your soft purr, the motor-like growling that you created when we frisked your white fur. Your slim body, with long black tail and silvery eyes, actively running around with your sibling, Moks. I am going to miss those times.

No wonder people says that it breaks your heart to lose a cat. Because I'm missing you badly right now. So long my cat, there's no more predators there. Hopefully, we can see each others again.

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