Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happiness is

Happiness is..
When you just braved a day full of tasks, 2 tests, classes and you still be able to read a few pages of the Holy Quran
When you get to know that your friend is happily married since the last few months :)
When you know that your parents gives their blessing on what you're doing
When seeing the faces of your adik SG ^^
When having simple chitchats with le roomate, le busy roomate
When you're early for your class!
When being reminded that no matter how tired and stressed you are, Allah is bigger than ALL my problems!

When smelling your dried, crisp laundry
When meeting your junior UTPian lil' bro
When listening to the rain, pouring on your window after a long drought
When knowing that all along this long academic hurdle, you are actually doing SOMETHING for the Deen, Biiznillah
When meeting your havoc housemates after a long day
When realizing that you're actually halfway in pursuing your Degree 
When having your usrah after an exhausting week :)
When meeting your counting-the-days, soon-to-graduate seniors^^
When knowing that in this challenging and intriguing roller-coaster ride, I am never alone, Innallaha ma'ana

 Let's take a moment and say 'Alhamdulillah' for everything that Allah gave us :')
Allah is the Best Planner, allahu mustaan

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