Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lose Yourself in Ramadhan

*Inspired by Eminem's "Lose Yourself"

If you had one shot,
One opportunity,
Your one moment,
To seize everything you've always wanted,
Your moment with Allah,
Would you capture it,
Or just let it slip?

Every moment in Ramadan is equally holy,
From dawn to dusk,
From morn to midnight.

It's like sunlight to the heart,
It's like being one with your loved one and never ever wanting to be apart.
It's like inhaling the crisp and clean breeze in the morning,
It's like a flower nourished by water. 

We feel the intense hunger from not eating,
But we feel stronger from fasting.

We feel sleepy from reading the Quran,
But through contemplating its meanings, the holes in our souls are filled with Iman.

We are no saints as we have sinned.

It's time to through away your old hearts, 
Ask Allah for a new one.

Seek forgiveness like someone drowning gasping for air,
Like a child crying, mourning, asking for his mom,
Like a slave burning in fire wanting to be saved.

Ramadan is a month of mercy,
A month of clemency,
A month of forgiveness,
A month of kindness.

You gotta yourself in Ramadan,
Capture the moment,
You own it,
You better never let it go,
Because you got one shot,
Do not,
Miss the chance to glow,
This opportunity comes,
Once in a life time.

Islam is not only during Ramadan,
Once Ramadan finishes,
Islam dies with it?
Ramadan is a spawning ground,
A motivation,
A love story.

~ By Ameen Misran of Langit Ilahi.

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