Tuesday, July 16, 2013


After 2 weeks I visited UIAM Gombak again for a MPP Visit.  This one is considered as return- visit (kunjungan balas) since SRC IIUM had visited UTP last semester.  The scenery at UIA (The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue) is as usual, fascinating :)
Ingatkan nak jumpa Kak Adieyla/ Kak Illeya, tapi tak kesampaian.  Lain kali InsyaAllah

The SRC IIUM hicoms are very sporting.  Sharing session dah macam adik- beradik kongsi masalah.  Got many new ideas and solutions that can be implemented in UTP.  IIUM in comparison to UTP, they've got many years of experience.  The segregated campus are of course, HUGE compared to UTP.  It's very interesting to get to know the line ups, as they're very friendly.
We're the girls power.  Oyeah!!

On the way back, we had our iftar at Padang Polo.  The bonding between MPPUTP family are very close.  I learned many new things with 2013/2014 lineups.  With the MMK and whatnot.  Rabu ni iftar lagi :D

And well, that's me.  Macam sayang je nak tinggal UTP for 4-months break 

Salam 7 Ramadhan, let's break a leg this time!  Don't let this Ramadhan wasted :)


Anonymous said...

comel nye syikin.. atoto

ku hariz farhan said...

Hang jadi MPP ke??hehe

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