Monday, October 1, 2012

La Tahzan

Am I in despair now?
I don't know, I'm not sure.
Technically, this is the first time I obtain that grade, for that particular subject
Physics 2 mann. the finale for May 12 examination
All of us just have a few hours of sleep that night, almost sleepless
To do those past year questions and other miscellaneous
And when we open the question paper, most of us seemed to be beaming with joy
Since soalan keluar bulat-bulat macam past year.  I could say 80% of them are
With hope that it'll somehow help to elevate our pointer
And a few days ago, we got our result
And technically my heart is shattered.  For the first time I cried due to this subject, I want to blame myself, but I know that that's the best I could do
The pressure is rising
How is it so hard to get something that we really really want?
I wonder
and still wondering

i'm in dire need of motivation right now :'(

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