Sunday, June 13, 2010

U Are My Soldier..

You are a soldier
A rising sun
Wait for the heyday
Look far away
And believe in yourself
Your name’s on a shelf
A legend

Buat adik-adik Puteri Islam, thnx sesangat sbb sudi masuk pertandingan kawad kaki ni..
Although to some people, this is just a waste of means a lot to us..It is NOW or NEVER..ily you all...Sebab kalau korang x masuk kali ni, there's no more possibility yg korang akan masuk lagi taun depan...Now I'm thinking of retiring...haha

You are a soldier
The chosen one
Bring back the heyday
Look far away
With respect and decay
Forever we’ll stay

Jangan sedih naaa...Walaupun kita serba kekurangan...
Walaupun kita jaa yg kawad xdak bunyi~sbb xdak kasut kawad~..miahaha
But its OK..We can always improve..No harm in trying..Trust me

Kak Ikin sayang mpa sgt2...don't be devastated..
taun depan ada lagi kayh..

Buat Kadet Polis Wanita SMK Derma, Tahniah!!
Thnx 4 all your guidance..sbb ampa laaa km semangat smpai sini^^

You are a soldier
Light up the night
We are the soldiers
We’ll stand and fight
At the end of the day
Forever we pray
For the legend

Kenangan Hari Belia Negara 2010 Peringkat Negeri Perlis
11-13 Jun
1 Belia, 1 Malaysia!!
*kudos to Mr. Saiful Munir for making dis event a successful one..cayalah^^


Wan Perlis said...

awat x jumpa
kita pun p jugak

Syiqin said...

huuu..kmi ketua platun puteri islam..mana sempat nak round..tabik hormat raja pon habis lambat..:D

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