Thursday, March 25, 2010

Say No! Will I?

Teringat pesan Cgu Halim yg ajar Addmath kat IKIN..
"Please be able to say NO!"..
"Kalau masuk pertandingan mewakili dunia smpai ke bulan pun, tapi kalau SPM G berderet, sijil tu ada nilai kaa??"
Fuhh, now I admit, he's totally correct..Totally correct..
I can't be a YES gurl anymore, this is a totally WRONG concept..
Jeopardizing my academic by doing pointless things is WRONG..
Not giving myself a break is WRONG..
Pushing myself too hard is not correct either..
I need a break, and repair my pacing..
Sumtime, being selfish is good~I gotta admit that ur true Adam..
To Sir Dess, thanks for listening..I need a break so that I can focus again..Ur rite..

So, dgn PK1 yg resultnya agak huru -hara(tapi masih sgt bersyukur sbb teda yg fail),
 I promise I won't push myself too hard again, 
I promise I'll try my best to think properly n choose what's best for me(but Adam, sorry 4 not accepting the National Science Challenge offer, kta bg peluang kat org lain lah noo...)
n I'll promise to give myself a break..
p/s:Sir Dess, yg part kna bagi ruang untuk feeling tu payah sket laa, calon xdak..hihi;p

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