Thursday, December 24, 2009

102 Dermarian Straight A's!!A Record To be Broken...

I woke up this morning with such a feeling..
Well today is da big day!!
PMR result is out...
Alhamdulillah, our prayers have been answered.. 
102 of the Dermarians got straight A's
Let these snapshots tell the story
Smile of happiness...

A record to be broken..

Can't expect better..

Well our  3 years of endless struggle+hardwork+lack of sleep+emo did pay off..
To all my friends, Good Job!!
Although some says that PMR is just like  a bus ticket, I can't say that i'm agreeing..
It is a part of life that we must experience for a better, brighter future..
To Pah, Dlah, Qwee, Illani, Ima,Tassya and Nadwa n all my friends ..Congratulations!!


azaLEa IZHA said...


-WEEI- said...

congratz...any other photos???

Anonymous said...
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