Friday, November 20, 2009

Skool Trip To Genting-Melaka-KL..What A Blast!!

Day 1 : At the cable car station to Genting...
Not many people are there since we arrive quite early...
Ambik gambo duluu..hehe

Sir Dess and Cgu Yantie...
At the ticket counter..

Taking the ride...
6 person per gondola..
Quite an intriguing experience since we enjoyed a miraculous view of vast Malaysian Rainforest all the way to City of Entertainment....Woohoo
What a sweet escape!!

2nd Day : Cgu Yantie tgh breakfast..
Today's destination : Eye On Malaysia, Malacca

Donne dgn stylenya...

Cgu Rusliza..

n Cgu Husni..Cutenyaa cgu aritu..

On arrival at Eye on Malaysia
We're the 1st..Hehe..
X rugi berlari macam Amazing Race g ticket counter..

Sir Amir dgn slumbernya..

Sneak peek of the queue awaiting after us to hitch a ride in the gondolas..
What a loooong way to go...

In the gondola..
We had a large expanse view of Malacca Strait..
Unfortunately, the landscapes are still under construction..
Hwvr, it still worth a ride..
RM 6.40 per person..Quite cheaplaa..

Sir Dess...

Cgu Yantie fan club..Haha
Clockwise : Cgu Yantie, Tole, Mat Gas, Ikin,
Nadzrin, Bopan, Ding and Yob..

Naxt station.. Mahkota Parade..
Taking our meal at The Chicken Rice Shop..

Shot of Bangunan Taming Sari..
Enticing what..

That night..Back to KL and went to Mid Valley
Stop at Nando's for dinner..
TQ Cgu Husni for treating us..

Last morning..
Checked out from Hotel Plaza and went window shopping at KLCC..
Cgu Yantie really enjoyed this time..

Lastly, we reached SMKD at 9.30 pm..
Everybody was exhausted but it just worth a trip..
I enjoyed every seconds, every minutes here..
Now its time to revise Fm 4 Curriculum..
Stil wondering what awaits us next yr..

Good Bye 2009!!
Can't wait 2 C-Ya 2010!!


DESS said...

well organised piece of info. Good work...

azaLEa IZHA said...

this is so unfair! i wish i had went along on the trip. huhuhu

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