Saturday, January 16, 2010


Mengapa aku masih x bley lepaskan diri dr bayangannya??...Haish..This isn't getting any easier..For the past two yrs, I've cried over and over for him..And I really2 regret those years..Seriously, I'm getting tired..Really really tired of HIM..X ada ka alat yg bley erase mana2 memori yg kita tamaw kenang??Kan senang cam tu..Ramai dah nasihat, forget him, just GO ON with ur life..But it just keeps bugging me time by time..Deep inside I'm crying..

So what I'm gonna do now??I don't know..
I've pulled through 2009 with much hardship..
Dan 2010 bukan sesuatu yg dapat kuteka..
Please give me strength Ya Allah..

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