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What Shall We Do on Fridays?

So, we have reached another Jumu'ah in 2017, we are getting closer and closer towards Ramadhan, the time has been flying faster than ever. Hopefully we can make everyday meaningful by being a productive and impactful Muslim, insyaAllah.

I'd like to share the inputs that I've learned (almost a year ago, now flipping the note pages) during an Ibrah Seminar on Surah Al-Jumu'ah by Ust. Syaari Abdul Rahman. Alhamdulillah, the seminar was very insighful, I attended this program with my beloved juniors Sakinah, Syera & Chad. We took a day-trip as Bangi and UTP is only a 2.5 hrs drive.

About Surah Al-Jumu'ah
- This is the 62nd surah in the Quran, consisting of 11 verses. 
- It is positioned after Surah As-Saff and before Surah Al-Munafiqun.
- A Madaniyah surah (meaning that this surah was reveled after the event of Hijrah - where Rasululullah saw and the sahabahs migrated from Mecca to Madinah).

What is Ibrah?
Ibrah is the lesson learnt that we can gain and emulate practically in our daily lives. During the seminar, Ust. Syaari shared his technique in understanding the Quran (doing tadabbur), these are the steps :
T - tartilkan bacaan (learn the correct way of tilawah)
A - ambil tahu terjemahan dan fadhilat surah
D - dapatkan motif, tema, segmentasi surah
A - asbabub nuzul (sirah penurunan)
B - belek tafsir
B - baca lagi sekali (penghayatan)
U - usahakan hafalan (baca dalam solat)
R - rangsang orang lain (sampaikan)

There are many inputs that I have learned in the seminar (especially with regards to the tafsir of the surah), however, I'd prefer that you attend the sessions by Ust. Syaari / any other speakers who are credible to teach, to learn more on the subject matter :) Understanding the Quran is a very interesting subject to learn. I am not a religious school product, frankly saying I really learn about Islam when I was in UTP, yet I am very grateful of the path that Allah has chartered upon me, Alhamdulillah. So if by any chance you have an opportunity to learn about Islam, just grab it!

Action Points
So, some practical points that we shall emulate from this surah are :
1. Friday is the blessed day of the week, we should celebrate it just like Aidiladha / Aidilfitri
2. The day Adam is created by Allah in the Heavens and the day Adam & Eve were expelled from Heavens to the Earth.
4. A day where your prayers are very mustajab.
5. The day where The End of Day (qiyamah) will occur.
6. Make the most of this day, eventhough this is the last working day of the week, we shall strive so that our spiritual quest is highest on Friday.
7. Give sadaqah
8. Seek for 'ilm (knowledge)
9. Hear the khutbah. Actually, if the platform of khutbah is utilized well, it will give a very big impact to create a stronger Muslim society as this is our weekly gathering, where reminder (tazkirah) are being given so that we're aware of the current situation of Muslims around the world.
10. Read the Quran and try to understand it.
11. For us females who have  our on and off day of the month, worry not! There's still lots of things that we can do in order to have a productive Friday. Perhaps joining a charity work around your household?
12. Read Surah Al-Kahf 

Hopefully, we can all act upon our knowledge and give an impact towards our Deen, families and societies. Till then, Wallahu'alam.


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