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Thoughts on Marriage and Parenting

Couple of days ago, I watched a talk show by Aiman Azlan (ft. Maria Elena) sharing their experience about what they didn't know about marriage (before the wedding, of course) and wished to know sooner.  Anyway, the discussion was interactively beneficial, Aiman Azlan as always, moderated the topic articulately and Nadrah was a cute distraction :)  

Both Aiman and Maria shared their part in adapting to marriage life and not so long after, parenthood itself.  To brothers and sisters out there who are preparing to get married or wondering on what to equip yourself with, you really should watch this video.  And yes, to adik-adik who are always thinking on the beautiful, colourful cotton-candy life after marriage, you should too.

Some takeaway points shared by Aiman and Maria Elena (she's my senior in UTP, but we've never met since the gap is so long): 1. Lower down your expectations - the same person you thought you've figured out may turn to be a whole lot differen…

Panduan Menjadi Moderator

Time flies so fast, guess what, we're already in the second month of 2016! It is currently raining heavily outside, which I really love..hihi.  My internship term is approaching its end in a couple of months before departing back to the garden of knowledge, UTP. But, just let me enjoy the rest of my stay in Kerteh first ya : )
Alhamdulillah, I was given a chance to moderate a session with Ustazah Norhafizah Musa back in December. It is a parenting talk entitled "Super Ummi, Super Abi" held at Dewan Sri Intan, PMO. As much as the word 'parenting' entices your curiosity, I learned a lot from the speaker herself and also from the highly-attentive audiences.  InsyaAllah I'll share some notes in the upcoming posts, but first I'd like to jot down some important points taken from Dr. Maszlee Malik's book : Risalah Pemuda Muslim.

Panduan menjadi moderator (diambil dari Risalah Pemuda Muslim tulisan Dr. Maszlee Malik). Tips dari penulis memang banyak m…