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Let's Start 2016 With a Bismillah

Bismillah, I ended 2015 with lots of rushing, here and there. Going places while attending programs, trying my best to enjoy every step of the way. However, until the 20th day of year 2016, it felt a bit aimless. I didn't actually have a proper mission or objective to kickstart this year.

You know me, I'm the ambitious one, always competing for something. Even my mom said that I won't even give way to my lil' brother (when we're small, of course)..hehe Until yesterday, I received a news that one of my senior was struck with a misfortune. Her house was burnt down to the ground due to short circuit and resulted in a total loss. Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rajiun.
My dad used to tell me this, "in comparing with others, sometimes (or most of the times), you need to see those who are needy than you, those who don't really have".  If you watch the news yesterday, there's one story about a girl who lose both of her legs in an accident. (Read here). It struck m…