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Duhai Adinda

Duhai adinda,
Aku faham gusarmu,
Ditinggal seorang,
Dibiar berjuang,
Sepi kamu sendiri.

Maafkan aku, kekandamu.
Kerana tiada di sisi,
Aku juga pernah melalui,
Sepertinya tangis ini berbekas lagi,

Jalan yang kita pilih ini,
Tiada manusia yang menjamin,
Melainkan dia yang Esa,
Yang Maha Hidup,
Yang Maha Mendengar,

Tempat mencurahkan segala kesal,
Limpahan perasaan,
Doa yang tiada bertepian.
Disebalik esak tangis di penghujung malam,

Menjadi pemimpin itu bukan mudah,
Apatah lagi,
Kita ini Hawa',

Kamu kuat, adinda,
Teruskan bersinar,
Mungkin kita tidak akan lama bersama,
Medan di luar menggamit masa,
Teguhkan dirimu,
Jangan gugur,
Jangan undur.

V5J (2029, 19 Mei 2016)

He Knows

There's just a couple of days before my Senior Year kickstarts.  Haven't really brush off the internship bug, I found my HSE colleague amiss.  Despite the high living cost, I kinda miss the simplicity of living there, as an intern.  It is peaceful there and the idea of being able to make mistakes and to learn from mistakes, is just intriguing.
Not really sure whether I'm just overthinking or it's the habit inside, I keep seeking for my purpose of living.  Yes, Allah has stated in Az-Zaariyat about our role as a caliph and in another verse, as an abid . It's there, clearly written.
But as a typical human, I just can't help but to keep seeking the reasoning of living, to answer these unanswerable questions.
Am I doing the right thing? What the future has in store for me? Have I been a good daughter? Can I make it till graduation? Can I survive after graduation? What can I do more? Have I impacted the society I'm living in?
and the list goes on.
This also includes the sh…

Menjadi Orang Bermasyarakat

Antara perkara yang dipelajari semasa berpraktikal hampir 6 bulan di Kerteh ini adalah untuk belajar hidup bermasyarakat. Melalui program-program Nisa', usrah Ameerah, aktiviti BAKIP dan juga interaksi dengan staf-staf Carigali sendiri, menjadi pelajar engineering tidak bermakna dengan penggunaan jargon-jargon teknikal dan laras bahasa berkadar tinggi.  Segala ilmu yang aku pelajari hanya akan jadi bernilai apabila aku benar-benar faham, lalu dituturkan dengan bahasa yang lebih mudah agar bermanfaat kepada pendengar. Supaya mereka faham dan maklum akan hal yang sebenar, tanpa mengira latar belakang.
Ada Apa Dengan Menjadi Orang Masyarakat? 
HAMKA menyebut akan erti orang bermasyarakat dalam tulisannya Pribadi Hebat yang bunyinya begini : " Dia suka bergaul, suka menolong, tidak menyisih dari masyarakat,  tidak memikirkan kepentingan diri sendiri atau keluarganya sahaja, tidak gila pangkat, mengerti kedudukan orang lain dan merasa dirinya ikut dalam kedudukan itu.  Horm…

Bicara Tentang Semangat Kepemudaan

Pembuka kata dari HAMKA dalam tulisannya Pribadi Hebat
Membaca buku HAMKA, dan beberapa tokoh lain misalannya, sangat menyentuh tentang pentingnya menggunakan masa muda sebaiknya. Seperti Sultan Mehmet Al-Fatih yang berjaya membuka Constantinople pada usia 21 tahun, pada usia 22 tahun kota apa yang bakal aku buka? Itu satu soalan yang selalu terbit dan terngiang-ngiang dalam minda. 
Hero dari Zaman Silam

Rasulullah s.a.w pada masa mudanya sudah merantau ke ceruk negara, ketika usia Baginda 25 tahun sudah 18 kali menjejak negara luar sehingga ke Yaman, Syria, Basrah dan Bahrain.
Kisah Ashabul Kahfi dan Ashabul Ukhdud (rujuk Surah Al-Buruj ayat 4-8) , juga berkisar tentang pemuda-pemuda yang cuba mempertahankan keimanan mereka, lalu diuji dengan cubaan yang berbagai-bagai.
Mereka dari zaman masing-masing, kita pula bagaimana? Dalam suasana yang rencam, ditekan dengan cabaran ekonomi, sosial dan akhlak yang membingungkan, siapakah pemuda yang bakal bangun untuk mempertahankan Ummah ini?


Notes from Seminar Akhlak : Menuju Kesempurnaan Peribadi (part 1)


Alhamdulillah, last week I had a chance to attend 'Seminar Akhlak' organized by Gabungan Belia Institut Ibnu Al-Qayyim in UIA. I can say that the 6-hour trip from Dungun to KL was worth it as the content of the program were superb!  As their first time organizing this inaugural seminar, the programme secretariat did a great job.  Really wish that I could do the same in UTP, hopefully Biiznillah :)

Well, moving on to the content of the seminar, we were intrigued to listen to the 5 speakers, each of them specialized in their own field.  I have my own stand in seeking for 'ilm, that knowledge is knowledge, haq is haq, bathil is bathil.  We need to appreciate more in order to learn.  I'm not saying that our system of tarbiyah/education is inadequate,  it lined up everything that is essential.  Yet, as a Muslim progressing towards betterment,  we should put effort in closing the gaps, as the boundaries of knowledge reaches no horizon. Try to learn something about e…

Of Reed Beds and Blessings

Assalamualaikum :)
This has been my 6th month residing in Kerteh, finishing my internship journey.  Time really flies without mercy here, it's all up to us to decide on what to fill it in. Khalas Today I was given an opportunity to visit a reed bed site in a nearby plant.  Well, as an intern, a number of questions spontaneously popped up in my mind.  
What is reed bed? The answer of this question, given by Mr. Wikipedia is reed beds are aquatic plant based systems which allow bacteria, fungi and algae to digest the sewage and clean the water.  It actually looks almost like our own Malaysian-grown 'lalang' or paddy.
This is how it looks like.  (Pics from Google, most probably not in Malaysia)

Our expectation of seeing a typically complicated industrial effluent treatment site left us in awe as actually, reed bed looks just like 'sawah padi'.  Apparently, there are certain species of reed equipped with abilities to filter specific contaminants ( to the like of heavy metals …

Thoughts on Marriage and Parenting

Couple of days ago, I watched a talk show by Aiman Azlan (ft. Maria Elena) sharing their experience about what they didn't know about marriage (before the wedding, of course) and wished to know sooner.  Anyway, the discussion was interactively beneficial, Aiman Azlan as always, moderated the topic articulately and Nadrah was a cute distraction :)  

Both Aiman and Maria shared their part in adapting to marriage life and not so long after, parenthood itself.  To brothers and sisters out there who are preparing to get married or wondering on what to equip yourself with, you really should watch this video.  And yes, to adik-adik who are always thinking on the beautiful, colourful cotton-candy life after marriage, you should too.

Some takeaway points shared by Aiman and Maria Elena (she's my senior in UTP, but we've never met since the gap is so long): 1. Lower down your expectations - the same person you thought you've figured out may turn to be a whole lot differen…

Panduan Menjadi Moderator

Time flies so fast, guess what, we're already in the second month of 2016! It is currently raining heavily outside, which I really love..hihi.  My internship term is approaching its end in a couple of months before departing back to the garden of knowledge, UTP. But, just let me enjoy the rest of my stay in Kerteh first ya : )
Alhamdulillah, I was given a chance to moderate a session with Ustazah Norhafizah Musa back in December. It is a parenting talk entitled "Super Ummi, Super Abi" held at Dewan Sri Intan, PMO. As much as the word 'parenting' entices your curiosity, I learned a lot from the speaker herself and also from the highly-attentive audiences.  InsyaAllah I'll share some notes in the upcoming posts, but first I'd like to jot down some important points taken from Dr. Maszlee Malik's book : Risalah Pemuda Muslim.

Panduan menjadi moderator (diambil dari Risalah Pemuda Muslim tulisan Dr. Maszlee Malik). Tips dari penulis memang banyak m…

Let's Start 2016 With a Bismillah

Bismillah, I ended 2015 with lots of rushing, here and there. Going places while attending programs, trying my best to enjoy every step of the way. However, until the 20th day of year 2016, it felt a bit aimless. I didn't actually have a proper mission or objective to kickstart this year.

You know me, I'm the ambitious one, always competing for something. Even my mom said that I won't even give way to my lil' brother (when we're small, of course)..hehe Until yesterday, I received a news that one of my senior was struck with a misfortune. Her house was burnt down to the ground due to short circuit and resulted in a total loss. Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rajiun.
My dad used to tell me this, "in comparing with others, sometimes (or most of the times), you need to see those who are needy than you, those who don't really have".  If you watch the news yesterday, there's one story about a girl who lose both of her legs in an accident. (Read here). It struck m…