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Internal Confession #1

Coming in terms with it, I realized that I wasn't ready.
The act of making me wait for 16 weeks w/o reason is unacceptable. Yet I'm searching for the wisdom that lies behind it.
A good friend used to ask " How can you bear with it? , you don't even look sad"
I'm not sure how I should react, plus the maintained "cool" facade that I always got had made me seemed unwavered by his gesture.
I should cry
Maybe I should
For this seemingly strong iron lady does have her softer, weaker side.

It's ok
This week has been a ride of tasks/meetings. Lot's of it.
As if Allah is telling me to stop thinking about it for a while.
Yeah, I got tonnes of things to do. :D
Need to put on my cape and save the city of Gotham sometimes ~

About death
My friend's dad passed away last weekend. It was so sudden, yet she managed to spend 2 days by his side, Alhamdulillah.
She is strong, stronger than me. Stay strong Azfar, for Allah never burdened us more than what we can withstand.

Day 422

Day 422
Alhamdulillah, dengan linangan air mata gembira aku menoktahkan salah satu cabang perjalanan dalam hidupku. 
Semoga 1.5 tahun yang aku sumbang menjadi saham akhirat untukku. 
Jalan ini tidak mudah, sekali-kali tidak mudah. Cabarannya dimana-mana. 
Doakan aku agar terus bergerak, terus istiqamah menyumbang untuk Ummah. 
Terima kasih sahabat, teman dan rakan kerana mewarnai hidupku selama ini.
We've made it, dear comrades!

Lirik lagu Paradise dari Maher Zain cukup menggambarkan perasaanku sekarang. Ya Tuhan, betapa aku inginkan JannahMu!

And now we're here feeling so good.
About all the things that we went through 
Knowing that God is pleased with us too
It's not a dream, this is so true

Feeling the peace all around
Seeing things we could never imagine
Hearing the sound of rivers flow
And we know we'll be here forever
The feeling is indescribable 
Knowing that this is our reward 

Do you remember the hard times we went through? 
And those days we used to argue
But there was not one t…