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My Personality Plus

Bismillah, This week the new semester has convened and I'm currently in my 3rd year! How fast time flies and I'm actually nearing 21. Indeed, time is sharp like a sword. Whether you cut it first or you'll soon be cut by it.  Well, during the first session of Kinetics and Reactors design class, Dr Tazli requested for us to do the 4-Temperament Test and Learner Type test. And now I knew which type I'm in.

Strategist Pattern     Choleric-Melancholy     "D-C"

The Strategist is more detail oriented than the other Cholerics. They initiate change. They usually operate from a well-thought through plan. They have creative ideas. They will often use very direct, forceful and persistent methods to get results or promote their ideas. They want to be in charge because of confidence in their ability to make things happen the "right" way. They like to solve problems and make decisions¾and are actually quite able to do so. They usually have well thought-out goals a…