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Wordless Wednesday - Don't Give Up

I was really inspired by a poem posted at Ameen Misran page. This piece is made by one of the participants in his event recently. Really inspiring (I changed the word 'brother' to 'sister'). Somehow , Wordless Wednesday doesn't really need to be wordless :)

Hey sister don't need to fear
Hey, hey listen here
Don't give up on something you can do
Cuz it's possible, possible for you
Stand up, don't need to cry
Chin up and put on a smile
Cuz hope, there's always hope
Believe in Him

Nope, He'll never leave you nope
And pray, just pray
Stay, and don't go astray
Have faith, you'll find the way
With Him, Him in your heart, 
Sister I know its hard,
He'll give you something better
Just brush off that shoulder
You'll never stand alone
Cuz His love for you is forever
It will be tough
Tough i'm sure rough,
It ain't gonna be easy 
Yeah believe me

But hey stop doing this sin!
Don't give up on Him
Allahu Rahman, Allahu Rahim
Allahu Ghafur