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Headshot II

“Aku kata “astaghfirullah” tapi hati masih gemar akan maksiat.
Aku kata “wa atubu ilaih” tapi jasad masih melakukan dosa sama.
Aku kata “wa nadimna ya Allah” tapi kesilapan lalu masih kuulangi.
Aku kata “subhanallah” tapi aku tidak mampu menghayatinya.
Aku kata “alhamdulillah” tapi aku masih tidak bersyukur dengan kurniaanNya.
Aku kata “Allahuakbar” tapi cintaku lebih kepada dunia.
Aku kata “ma fi qalbi ghairullah” tapi masih ada ruang di hatiku untuk insan yang tidak halal.

Aku kata “aku tak layak ke syurga, tapi aku tak sanggup ke nerakaMu” namun aku hidup di dunia seakan-akan aku kuat untuk rasa pedih api neraka.

Aku kata aku ingin mendekatiMu, Namun amalku tak seiring dengan kata-kataku.
Aku malu dengan sepasang mata kurniaanMu ini,
Kerana air mata yang mengalir seakan-akan sia-sia.

Aku malu dengan tangan yang sudah lelah mengelap air mata,
Kerana tingkah laku pemiliknya ini tidak menggambarkan aku kesal.
Bahkan aku malu dengan sang burung yang berkicau,
Kerana aku insan yang dinodai dosa..

Last Year's Derma CSR Throwback

Life is unpredictable, right?

Supposedly yesterday (Thursday), I got a JPJ driving test and a Workshop at SMK Derma (beloved alma mater, ewah) and both were scheduled to be conducted in the morning.  But Alhamdulillah, during our last meeting on Wednesday, we were informed that the programme will be conducted on the evening as per requested by the Principal.  Yup, the duration is getting shorter and many slots are being cut to the bare minimum. Tapi apa guna young brains ni kalau tak diuji? So we discussed and tried to come up with the best solution.

So the next day I went to the driving test and Alhamdulillah I passed^^ (last week I flunked the 2nd part XD
Around 11 I rushed to school and met my teammates. Around 2.30 petang baru program boleh mula sebab technical delay and dewan masih occupied. I won't comment on the participants, but I really appreciate the efforts done by my teammates. For a team of 10 to handle 40++ participants including technicals, it's quite a challenge. …

Lose Yourself in Ramadhan

*Inspired by Eminem's "Lose Yourself"

If you had one shot,
One opportunity,
Your one moment,
To seize everything you've always wanted,
Your moment with Allah,
Would you capture it,
Or just let it slip?

Every moment in Ramadan is equally holy,
From dawn to dusk,
From morn to midnight.

It's like sunlight to the heart,
It's like being one with your loved one and never ever wanting to be apart.
It's like inhaling the crisp and clean breeze in the morning,
It's like a flower nourished by water. 

We feel the intense hunger from not eating,
But we feel stronger from fasting.

We feel sleepy from reading the Quran,
But through contemplating its meanings, the holes in our souls are filled with Iman.

We are no saints as we have sinned.

It's time to through away your old hearts, 
Ask Allah for a new one.

Seek forgiveness like someone drowning gasping for air,
Like a child crying, mourning, asking for his mom,
Like a slave burning in fire wanting to be saved.

Ramadan is a month of mer…