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Week 14 Wrap Up

It's week 14 ya'll!
Syukur , Allah permudahkan banyak benda.  Walapun aku sedar ke'ceroi'an mutabaah berlaku di sini-sana.  Allah still loves me, Alhamdulillah :')
all tests are done,
assignment semua dah settle,
presentation pun dah habis,
project pun dah submit.
kalau Allah tak permudahkan, memang tak sempat.  Allahu musta'an

Mari transformasi mutabaah kita, sepadan ke tak dengan nikmat yang kita ada sekarang.  Pesan seorang ustaz, semua nikmat yang kita ada sekarang akan dikira nanti.  Walaupun benda kecik seperti tidur. 
 Takut-takut bila ditanya 'kenapa tidur ketika sekian-sekian waktu?'.  
Jawapan kita : 'saja'
Tak ke naya tu?

Belum dikira soal keberkatan ilmu.
Semester ni banyak desperation acts berlaku.  Apabila sesi quiz jadi discussion & peek-a-boo.  Waktu lecture syahid depan lecturer T_T

Smartgroup (SG), I tried my best to make sure these 13 juniors were on track.  Tapi hati manusia ni Allah yang pegang, sometimes I felt manipulated (yes I'm being a bit negative here, Astaghfirullah).  But seriously, how come a 1-year gap gives a really vast difference in the way of thinking, prioritizing.  Mungkin adik-adik ni dah bijak, boleh hidup sendiri, juga mungkin mistakes from my side, not being creative in engaging mad'u.  Muhasabah cepat!

This is us, 1-year back #throwback

Maybe this is due to my high - expectation.  Who knows?
I'm sorry if I don't fulfill your expectation, tried my best and will always do.
Ada yang sangat helpful, really appreciate that.  Thank you for the memories :)
I pray the best for you : Nusrah, Adeeba, Ain, Yati, Alifah, Zureen, Mimi, A'dilah, Dayah, Liyana & Nabila
All the best dik, moga terus kekal di jalan yang Allah redha^^

I'm going for my 4-months break in a couple of weeks, InsyaAllah.  Until now I got a few things in my to-do list:
habiskan lesen kereta
finish up the piles of books that I've bought (almost 40 I believe)
belajar masak
improve my baking skills
business maybe..jeng~
pergi Twins of Faith
daurah kat MATIN
improve my writing skill
refurnish interior rumah
and the list goes on..

But for now, let's break a leg for the finals!
5 papers, 17 credit hours.
Bismillahitawakkaltu alallah


ku hariz farhan said…
Buat elok-elok untuk exam na,bittaufiq wan najah..:)

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