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Wordless Wednesday - Verily When There Is Pain, There Is Relief

Okay, I know Wednesday is practically over.  But come on, it's my blog:)

I'm still reaching , searching for my diminished motivation...hmmm
Just be strong, time will wash all regrets, just the way the tide bathes the sand, erasing those marks, slowly, pain-freely

A Fulfilling Weekend

week 3 baru berakhir, I'm currently in week 4, Foundation 3rd semester.
For the past few days, I've been to 3 events, ketiga-tiganya cukup ohsem & fulfilling.
Kembara Sufi X is the first one, held in UTP for the 10th time.

Kembara Sufi ni sebenarnya konsert Islam, dengan tujuan nak mendidik berhibur in the Way of Islam.  Guest artiste malam tu : Far East, Hafiz Hamidun & Ustaz Don.
Siapa sangka, Chancellory FULL HOUSE malam tu!  Congrates to all committees termasuklah roomate aku yang sorang ni.
The event started around 9.20 pm, with opening song by Far East - Saat Lafaz Sakinah.  No wonder lagu ni ramai orang suka, saya je yang noob..haha.  Liriknya memang touching, dengan atmosphere CH yang dim, memang pakat feeling habisla.

An then it was followed by few other songs, but what I loved is their final song - Meniti Di Barzakh.  Meremang bulu roma dengar nasyid tu, bait - baitnya cukup memberi peringatan, reminds us that 

this world is just like a RnR, we won'…

La Tahzan

Am I in despair now?
I don't know, I'm not sure.
Technically, this is the first time I obtain that grade, for that particular subject
Physics 2 mann. the finale for May 12 examination
All of us just have a few hours of sleep that night, almost sleepless
To do those past year questions and other miscellaneous
And when we open the question paper, most of us seemed to be beaming with joy
Since soalan keluar bulat-bulat macam past year.  I could say 80% of them are
With hope that it'll somehow help to elevate our pointer
And a few days ago, we got our result
And technically my heart is shattered.  For the first time I cried due to this subject, I want to blame myself, but I know that that's the best I could do
The pressure is rising
How is it so hard to get something that we really really want? I wonder
and still wondering

i'm in dire need of motivation right now :'(