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Adios Sem 2~ Welcome Sem 3

Alhamdulillah, selamat sampai ke UTP petang Isnin.  Walaupun terpaksa seret beg berat (nasib baik ada roda ) dari pondok bas sampai depan V1, ada jugak insan prihatin tolong tumpangkan sampai V3, syukran sister from Iran.

Sedar tak sedar dah 8 bulan mengejar cita-cita di UTP.  Alhamdulillah semuanya baik-baik saja.  Nak masuk semester yang ke-3 dah pun.  Result final sem 2 InsyaAllah keluar 2 minggu lagi. 

Sem 2 yang lepas banyak mengajar pentingnya ada peers yang awesome. eg:
1) roomate yang akan rasa pelik bila tengok roomate dia tak bangun-bangun gi kelas lagi sedangkan selalunya kelas dia banyak waktu pagi 

2)housemate yang boleh kejut untuk ke lecture 8 am di Bulan Ramadhan.  Yang ni bila makin sampai hujung Ramadhan, makin mencabar..haha

3) geng-geng yang boleh dibawak study group. Walaupun janji asal nak mula pukul 10 malam, pukul 10.30 ada sorang tengah lepak kat McD,
 sorang lagi dah terlentang syahid,
 yang lagi sorang dah nak start mengamuk,
 tapi akhirnya menjadi jugak cover semua chapter Physics 2 walaupun tak on time, endingnya pakat tido berjemaah atas lantai sebab katil penuh dengan barang

4)Roomate yang senang bangun pagi!
sekaligus memudahkan aku bangun pagi sekali..^^

5)Peers yang lebih kurang sama fikiran, yang secara gear otomatiknya akan tegur (direct/indirect) bila perasan kita ada buat sesuatu yang tak betul.  Mungkin dia tak akan cakap direct, but I can still read your expression :)

Rasanya inilah hikmahnya tak study di oversea. Yes, maybe we can have the same situation there, I won't deny it. 
 It's just that I believe that fate brought me here, my rezeki lies here, InsyaAllah, in His path. 
 Yup, there won't be any pictures of me at the airport, playing in the snow and etc.  But it's just pictures, I'm the one whose studying separuh mati here man! .  
I'm happy here. 
 I will go abroad, when the time comes, InsyaAllah, but not now, I'll study first & try to do my best to my parents.  
The competitiveness of parents nowadays are making me scared, STOP COMPARING!, each of your child are gifted with different skills, I believe the ummah needs more than people who only can memorize the textbooks.  Seriously, our syllabus needs to be adjusted..hmmm

Now, I'm in the process to re-build my confidence. My LOST confidence, to be exact.  It's not that easy, but I'll try & search my opportunity.

For this sem, there'll be 2 reading subjects, woohooo.
Careful S,
Seems like you'll be having a lot of sleepless nights
But Uni life will never be fun without it
Prepare your armor
XOXO Gossip Girl

One more thing, I went to Merdeka-Raya celebration of Matrik Arau last week, sort of a mini-gathering of Dermarians. Missed them a lot^^

*moga dipermudahkan semuanya esok:)


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