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Another Journey Begins

Assalamualaikum :) Hari ni dahpun 12 Januari 2012, cepat sangat masa berlalu, I'll be 18 this year Got about another 4 days to stay at home, lepas tu kita pi (pergi) UTP!!!!..hehe
Last Saturday night result admission January intake keluar dan satu rumah macam dupdapdupdap tunggu result tu, sampaikan semua sanggup tunggu depan PC nak check status =.="
Alhamdulillah, my application is successful and this coming Tuesday the whole family are going to Tronoh,Perak to send me off. I will undergo Foundation of Engineering for 1 year, lepas tu Degree in Chemical Eng. for another 4 years.  As for me, this is my first attempt to live in a hostel and of course faaarrrrrrrr away from home (nasib baik Perak ja, senang nak balik :D I'm still listing down the things that I'm going to bring and I end up with a HUGE pile of clothes on top of my bed..haha
For sure, I'm going to miss my family ;mama, ayah, adik, dikya, my kucing Mone, Gebu & Kelabu, my bedroom, my SMK Derma, my teachers…