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I Shall Find..

Salam 18 Ramadhan!
Sempena bulan yg mulia ni, saya nak share 1 lagu , Akan Ku Jumpa by Azfar..
Lagu ni dah lama kuar rupanya, tapi bila drama Syurgamu Ramadhan dah release..baru perasan=.="
But sincerely, mmg touching habis drama ni..Dgn OST nya yg mantop..memang sebak laa jawabnya^^

Jom layan lirik dia..sangat best!

Ku mengatur langkahku
berjalan tanpa bayang-bayangMu
langit dan bumi setia, menemaniku
matahari menyinar tak pernah berpihak padaku
Ku kepanasan tanpa perlindunganMu.

Hari berganti hari aku masih teguh menanti
Hadir diri Mu dalam hidupku ini
Rasa kecewa ada bila kaki penat berlari
Namun yakinku Kau kan kutemui

ku takkan pernah cuba berhenti
langkahku mencari Cinta
Yang ku tahu hanya tuk diriku
kan ku terus cari sampai hujung dunia

kerna ku tahu akanku jumpa diriMu
dan ku kan terus menempuh mimpi-mimpiku selalu
kulihat semua gembira
bila mengenali erti Cinta
senyuman ku beri hanya duka
bila ingin Teman tuk berbicara
Cinta jangan sembunyi
mataku kabur mencari
hadirlah dalam hidupku ini
Cinta jangan engkau pergi bila langkahku cuba
untuk mengejar diriMu

Akan Ku Jumpa TRANSLATION I Shall Find
I pace my steps
and walk without His shadows
the sky and earth is loyal to me
the sun shines but it is not for me
I burn in the heat without His protection

As days gone by, I stay strong waiting
His presence in my life
Disappointed that my aching feet,
tired from running has not been rewarded.
Yet I still believe I will find.

I will never stop trying
my mission to find His love
that is made especially for me
I shall search the ends of this earth
i shall find it...

Because I know I will meet Him
I must pursue my dreams I have now
I see everybody gleaming with happiness
when they've found His love
My smile only brings pain
I only need a friend in Him

Love, please don’t hide
My visions are blurred
Please present yourself to me
Love, please do not go
When all I do is chasing after you

Citer ni best sebab pelakon-pelakon ciliknya memang 'real'..~no fake2 okeh~
Jadi, marilah kita sama-sama saksikan Syurgamu Ramadhan..Setiap Selasa - Khamis, 10.30 malam..~warning : sedia kertas tisu banyak2 yer=)

Dan rasanya masih belum terlambat untuk mengucapkan Salam Nuzul Al-Quran..Marilah kita sma-sama mengimarahkan 10 Ramadhan yg terakhir ini..InsyaAllah
Hopefully I shall find what I've been searching;-)


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